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Abido Makloubeh Spices 100 GM

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 Abido Makloubeh Spices 100 GM عبيدو بهار المقلوبة

Abido Makloubeh Spices are ideal for adding flavor to your favorite dishes. These all-purpose blends are handcrafted with a unique balance of flavors that are sure to satisfy. Enjoy the enticing aroma and mild to moderate heat from each blend. Enjoy the taste of Abido Makloubeh Spices in you next culinary masterpiece.

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مقلوبة-مقلوبه-طريقة عمل المقلوبة-بهارات المقلوبة

بهارات عبيدو مقلوبة مثالية لإضافة نكهة لأطباقك المفضلة

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