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Coco Dalya

Coco Dalya Quality Coconut Briquettes 72 pieces

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Coco Dalya Quality Coconut Briquettes 72 pieces  كوكو داليا مكعبات فحم بجوز الهند

Adalya CocoDalya Coconut Charcoal Cubes - 1kg (72 pcs) (25mm x 25mm x 25mm). CocoDalya charcoal briquettes produced by Adalya company - the most well-known company in the hookah shisha industry. Everything produced by the Adalya company is the highest quality products you can get on the market. CocoDalya charcoal briquettes are cut with precision, producing highly quality cubes that light quicker and last longer- Up to 2 Hours! CocoDalya is made from 100% coconut shells. Production ingredients include no inferior natural or raw materials such as soft lumber, shrubs, or sawdust. CocoDalya products are also free of any unnatural ingredients such as brown coal, mineral carbon, borax, sodium nitrate, limestone or any other additive.

charcoal-charcoal grill-activated charcoal

فحم سريع الاشتعال- فحم شوي- فحم شيشه-فحم جوز الهند


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