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AL Fakher

AL Fakher Grenadine Flavor 250 GM

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AL Fakher Grenadine Flavor 250 GM الفاخر نكهة الرمان

Al Fakher's Grenadine shisha tobacco is well-known for its rich, ripe southern pomegranate taste. The initial inspiration reveals a juicy fruity sweetness that quickly turns into a slight acidity. On exhalation, the smoker is treated to tart notes of pomegranate bone with a pleasant bitterness from the white layer. This shisha from Al Fakher reveals itself well when smoked in its pure form but really comes alive when mixed with other tobaccos of any orientation. Whether you're looking for a sweet or savory mix, Al Fakher's Grenadine is sure to add some depth and flavor.
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معسل فاخر

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