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Adalya Egyption Double Apple 250 GM

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Adalya Egyption Double Apple 250 GM - اداليا التفاح المصرى

Experience the fusion of authenticity and excellence with Adalya's Egyptian Double Apple Shisha Tobacco. Each inhale whisks you away to the vibrant streets of Cairo, where the legendary double apple essence reigns supreme. This masterful concoction celebrates the sweetness of ripe red apples combined with the zesty tang of green apples, all enhanced by a delicate touch of aniseed. Crafted using select golden Virginia tobacco leaves and enriched with the purest of natural extracts, Adalya promises a velvety and delightful smoke that pays homage to Egypt's deep-rooted hookah traditions. Whether a seasoned enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the profound aroma and unparalleled flavor of the Egyptian Double Apple are bound to captivate. Delve into tradition, awaken your palate, and embark on an aromatic odyssey with each session.

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معسل فاخر - معسل اداليا

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