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Bisco Misr

Bisco Misr Kahk (Cookies) with Malban 1 KG

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Bisco Misr Kahk (Cookies) with Malban 1 KG بسكو مصر كعك(كحك) بالملبن

Bake your way to deliciousness with Bisco Misr biscuits. These 1KG biscuits are made from the finest ingredients to bring you a snack that satisfies your sweet cravings. Enjoy the unique crunchy texture and savory taste, perfect to have as an afternoon pick-me-up or to pair with your favorite beverage.

bisco misr-bisco misr cookies usa-kahak-kahk

كعك العيد-بيتيفور وكحك-كحك العيد

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